How Zyklon-B Works








This Is A Delousing Room In Auschwitz

Here is the process
#1 Zyklon can is opened, and poured in pan   #5  Zyklon B is activated for allotted time  
#2 Operator leaves room   #6 Heater shut off blowers reversed forcing air to chimney exhaust  
#3 Heater activated, and the hot air blower started   #7 After exhausting the gas, the operator enters the room with gas masks on  
#4 Hot air over pellets starts vaporization process    


Blower system in Auschwitz delousing rooms




The Supposed Gas Chambers Had None Of This

The rooms the Jews claim were gas chambers, had none of this equipment. The floors had drain vents that connected through out the camp (Everyone in the camp would die). There was no circulating air systems, or heaters, to vaporize the Zyklon-B.

There were no sealed doors The gas becomes explosive after vaporization, and there were furnaces 20 away. Cyanide gas is blue and impregnates the walls - the delousing chambers were blue - the Jewish gas chambers weren't blue, and had no traces of gas in the brick

Opening a can does nothing - in order to become gas the pellets must be heated







Gas Is A Complicated Process

First the chamber must have a positive inside vacuum, to prevent a leak. The gas pellet is dropped into a canister of sulfuric acid, and that activates it. The prisoner dies in a few minutes, and then ammonia is introduced to detoxify the gas. Next the chamber is vented to a chimney. Then the entire chamber, and the prisoner, are scrubbed down with ammonia.

Today, states use lethal injection, because gassing is too dangerous.








Germar Rudolf Inspected Auschwitz

Rudolf is a highly qualified chemist for the renowned Max Planck research center in Stuttgart His detailed chemical analysis concludes that hydrocyanic acid was not used at Auschwitz. His report strengthens the findings of gas chamber expert, Fred Leuchter

Germar Rudolf's report








Fred Leuchter

He designs, and maintains, execution equipment for most of the US prisons. He went to Auschwitz to examine the death facilities, and take chemical analysis's.

He produced a detailed report, which concluded that the facilities were absurd, and the chemical analysis confirmed it.






Cyanide Gas Leaves A Blue Residue

Gas penetrates the cement and leaves a blue stain. Two chemists tested the walls, and there was no gas.









The outside delousing chamber wall









Gas Is Explosive

Zyklon-B is explosive, but for 26 months, and 4,000,000 Jews, the law of physics was repelled.








The Ovens Couldn't Accommodate Auschwitz Number Of 4,000,000

Ovens need constant rebuilding. A crematorium is 'Refractory Bricks' on the inside, and regular brick on the outside, and it must be rebuilt every 1500 hours.






Older Coal Type Ovens

Auschwitz's ovens were coal fired, and erratic temperatures cracked the refractory brick.







Both Ovens Were Shut Down To Service One

You wouldn't climb into one to reline it, with the other running.

Cremation movie.


The maximum that could have been cremated at Auschwitz

  Starting Date         Operational Bodies  
  April 12,1942 Crematoria I 33 months 6 ovens 126 people/week 850 days 16,662      
  March 31, 1943 Crematoria II 21 months 15 ovens 315 people/week 166 days 7,562  
  June 25, 1943 Crematoria III 18 months 15 ovens 315 people/week 190 days 8,900  
  March 22, 1943 Crematoria IV 21 months 8 ovens 168 people/week 50 days 1,172  
  April 4, 1943 Crematoria V 21 months 8 ovens 168 people/week 82 days 2,015    ... 36,265 Total  







The Secret Of The Holocaust

No one ever took a close look at the facts. Everyone has been fed the TV drivel on death camps, injecting blue dye in eyes, sewing twins together, etc etc.






A factual look at Auschwitz

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